The Gisborne Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit member-based organisation that serves as the collective voice of business in Gisborne.

We believe our role is to challenge the business community in Tairāwhiti, and to support and offer thought-provoking value to our members. We challenge businesses to look beyond the immediate horizon and start preparing now for what life and business will look like in ten years - and further into the future.

The Chamber seeks to be a thought leader in the business and wider community, and a cheerleader for all the amazing things already happening in our region. We represent the needs of business to the wider community, and partner with local businesses and regional organisations like Gisborne District Council and Trust Tairāwhiti to undertake advocacy and be part of practical initiatives that make a difference.

People, Planet, Technology.

The Chamber is focusing on three themes that underpin our activities, events and campaigns.

People: What does staff and customer engagement look like in an environment of very low unemployment, changing demographics, and growing awareness of other cultures and histories? How can businesses navigate the unique ways that these challenges unfold in Tairāwhiti? Understanding the importance of having a resilient workforce, understanding and overcoming barriers to employment, and paying staff a living wage (and working out how businesses need to change if this isn't possible), are all topics that we, as a business community, need to be thinking about.

Planet: As customers increasingly demand serious action on the climate crisis and care about sustainability, how are businesses in Tairāwhiti adapting to minimise their own environmental impact and increase profitability? What models are available in other parts of Aotearoa, or internationally, that we can learn from and implement here? How can we make Tairāwhiti a leader in demonstrating the key role of business in addressing climate change?

Technology: As the local and global become more connected, how are businesses in Tairāwhiti adopting new technologies to improve their bottom line? Technology has the power to connect our region to the world, but also has the ability to bring the world to us. What does this mean for local businesses, and how are they harnessing this power?