Come and be part of the conversations shaping the future of business in Tairāwhiti.

The Gisborne Chamber runs a series of regular events for members, designed to give you the chance to meet other business owners, and interact with a range of speakers, opinion-makers and leaders. Our events are designed in inspire and challenge, as we look beyond the immediate horizon and start preparing now for what life and business in Tairāwhiti will look like in ten years – and further into the future.

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Doing Business Sustainably

What does it mean to do business sustainably? Come and here three speakers talk about sustainable investment, adding biodiversity to the balance sheet, and measuring (and mitigating) your business' carbon footprint.

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Lines Companies Presentation - 29 August 2022

Want to know more about lines companies in Aotearoa, including how they are regulated, their important role in helping achieve NetZero by 2050, and the impacts of different ownership models? Come and hear Angela Ogier from EY give a special presentation on these and other issues.

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Zilch Q&A - Friday 19 August 2022

Have you been watching the growing buzz around EVs (electric vehicles) and wondering how your business could go electric? Come and hear Kristen Corson from Zilch talk about a pilot programme to decarbonise Tairāwhiti's vehicle fleet.

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Wellbeing Session - Monday 15 August 2022

The Gisborne Chamber of Commerce warmly invites you to attend this free session focusing on how you can look after the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff, your stakeholders and yourself.

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Eastland Network Q&A - Thursday 28 July 2022

The Gisborne Chamber welcomes you to a Q&A with Eastland Group and Trust Tairāwhiti about the proposed sale of Eastland Network.

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