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ICC Guide to Export/Import Global Standards for International Trade (1)

Whether you are new to international trade or experienced this handy reference book on everything from UCP600, Letters of Credit, International Transport, IP, Incoterms through to drafting International Business Contracts, will introduce you to the essential rules and standard practices of the export-import trade.

4th edition, 1 copy available at $30 + GST
790E 5th edition at $110 + GST
Drafting and Negotiating International Commercial Contracts - A Practical Guide (1)

This practical guide clarifies the issues surrounding international contracts and will help lawyers and business people avoid the most common pitfalls. It provides examples and a comprehensive view of the principles that govern cross-border contracts so that you can situate the various issues in their right context and take the most appropriate decisions.

743E 3 copies available at $30 + GST
Latest version 788E at $210 + GST
ICC Model International Sale Contract

The ICC Model International Sale Contract is a time-saving tool for traders, lawyers and all parties involved in import/export- and cross-border sales transactions. It applies mainly to the sale of manufactured goods but can serve as an example to work on for other types of products as well.

738E $115 + GST
ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract

The ICC Model Contract on Commercial Agency is for parties negotiating agency agreements abroad who face a major difficulty: the lack of uniform rules. There is no internationally agreed uniform legislation for agency agreements, and so parties have to rely on national laws, which usually differ from country to country. This contract accommodates these differences.

766E $105 + GST
ICC Model Distributorship Contract

The ICC Model Contract on Distributorship provides a uniform contractual framework which incorporates the prevailing practice of international trade. Distributorship contracts are one of the most frequently used means for organizing the distribution of goods in a foreign country. Almost every company engaged in international trade has some distributors abroad, which means that most exporters will be faced with drafting an international distributorship agreement at some point.

776E $105 + GST
ICC Model International Franchising Contract

International direct franchises are a rapidly expanding business instrument and make a considerable contribution to growth in various industry sectors. A lack of uniform international rules complicates matters though. The ICC Model International Franchising Contract responded to a growing need for a simple and user-friendly model contract that reflects the diversity of franchising contracts.

712E $105 + GST
ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement

Before entering a business transaction, companies of all sizes have to consider how to protect sensitive information by drafting a non-disclosure agreement. The ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement and ICC Model Confidentiality Clause offers a balanced cross-sectorial model taking into account the interests of both disclosing and receiving parties.

774E $105 + GST
UCP 600

Commercial letters of credit are the lifeblood of international trade. For more than 85 years, the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) - the International Chamber of Commerce's rules on documentary credits - have governed letter of credit transactions worldwide.

UCP 600 contains important new provisions in the fields of transport, insurance and compliance.

600E $35 + GST