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Geo & Hydro Environmental

Soil and groundwater consultant. NES and HAIL issues related to property development. Contaminated site investigation and remediation. Specialist studies on chemicals in air, water, soil and products (food, soil and plastics).

Biography of Drs. Ben Keet MBA, SQEP(NES), FRSC, MRSNZ, MinstD
Senior Environmental Auditor
Certified General CEnvP and Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP SC)

Ben studied Physics and Hydrogeology in Amsterdam. He holds 1st class Honours Doctoral Degree in Hydrogeology specialising in Isotope Hydrochemistry.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (which requires 15 years of significant contributions to the field of chemistry), a Member of the Royal Society of NZ and a full member of the Institute of Directors NZ. In February 2016, Ben completed an Executive MBA at Massey University with his final thesis on the National Economic Impact of Lead Contamination in the Home Environment. Ben holds the General Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) certificate number 1098 and the Site Contamination Specialist (CEnvP SC) certificate number SC40078. 


5 years of teaching groundwater modelling and medical physics at the Free University, Amsterdam.

5 years of petroleum reservoir management with Shell International.

31 years of experience in contaminated land management; directly overseeing 5000+ projects in 10 different countries, including NZ; investigating 70% of oil terminals in the ports of NZ, numerous Carter Holt Timber treatment sites and the first investigation of the Mapua FFC site.  

Between '88 - '91, Ben oversaw remediation projects of six major and numerous small petroleum contaminated sites. He was in charge of four start-up offices in Australia with over 800 service station assessment and remedial projects throughout Australia including the remediation of the Sydney Airport's largest underground kerosene spill (>1 million litres).

Between '94 - '04 Ben was one of the four Accredited Environmental Auditors in the Grand Duche of Luxembourg. He managed the Luxembourg International Airport environmental audit that encompassed the investigation and remediation of a deep groundwater aquifer.

During Ben’s carrier, some of his responsibilities included investigating, pilot testing, designing and implementing novel remediation techniques on multiple defence properties, mainly air force bases, in Europe and US, and a variety of chemical plants of AKZO Nobel, DOW, Sika, Philips, etc.

Since 1993 Ben has conducted over 1000 site assessments and participated in over 400 complex in-situ biological remedial programs.  Ben holds several patents in the field of environmental engineering and sustainability.

Since 2005 Ben has conducted several audit reports for regional councils in New Zealand, such as Environment Waikato. He also carried out peer reviews and validation studies for several regional councils, including the Greater Wellington Regional Council.  

Ben has completed over 500 NES reports since the introduction of the NESCL on 1-1-2012.

Ben is the author of several major reports for Ministry for the Environment (MfE) on brominated flame retardants and chemicals in E-waste (available on the MfE website); he has edited the MfE guidelines for local councils on Sheep-dips and the MfE Handbook on Natural Attenuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons.

Ben has taught hundreds of courses and workshops to the environmental professionals and government agencies in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. More info on

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