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Civil Assist

Engineering Services for the Benefit of Our Communities and Environment. Together let's build a sustainable future, and engineer solutions that we can all buy into. With local and regional collaboration we can make your project come to life!

Engineering for Life
As a team, our commitment is to engineer a sustainable future. To achieve this, we seek out innovative solutions delivered in a down to earth way.

Our Values

Environmental Enhancement
Personal Development
Equitable Opportunities
Community Engagement

How do we do this?
Environmental Enhancement

Incorporating Expert Environmental Analysis into Our Projects
Becoming a Carbon Negative Business
Analysing the Carbon Impact of our Clients Projects
Work-Shopping Environmental Action Projects
Aligning Project Management with the Waste Minimization Act


Promoting Innovative thinking and discuss as a Team
Running Fortnightly Innovation Workshops
Assessing and Prioritising Innovations and Monitoring Progress
Quadruple Bottom Line Approach to Projects (people, planet & profit)

Aligning Personal and Work Goals

Matching Working Environments to our Personalities
Creating Customised Vision Plans for the Team
Supporting Team Members Out-of-Work Plans
Encouraging Fitness around Work Times

Equitable Opportunities

Encouraging all Team Members to Learn and Grow into new Roles
Flexible Employment Arrangements
Supporting Professional Development Regardless of Gender or Age

Community Engagement

Promoting Bi-Lingual Signage
Consulting with all Stakeholders
Supporting Subcontractors to Participate in Contracts
Enabling Contractors to develop into new Markets

Contact Us

Andrew Lawton
New Zealand
Call anytime - 027 807 9065
7:30 am - 5:00pm

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Call anytime - 027 807 9065

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