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Latest COVID-19 Information

This information is to inform you, your team, clients and stakeholders of important up-to-date information available from Employment New Zealand, during Alert 4.
Key points to note are:
  • Employment law still applies to all employment relationships, regardless of the circumstances that we find ourselves in.
  • Early Resolution is a free service that helps resolve workplace issues early, quickly and informally.
  • There are various COVID-19 financial support schemes available to businesses, depending on your situation.
Employment New Zealand has up-to-date information on these points and much more useful information. We will let you know when new pieces of information or changes related to employment are published.
For employment-related COVID-19 information, please refer to these web pages

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For general employment rights and responsibilities information:
Employment New Zealand has a large range of resources for employees and employers.
Minimum rights of employees - The minimum rights of an employee are the responsibility of the employer.
Minimum rights of employees language translations

  • Employment learning modules (8 languages)
  • Quick guide: Know your employment rights (20 languages)
  • Minimum employment rights and responsibilities booklet (15 languages)
  • Family violence leave guide (10 languages)
  • Employment mediation quick guide (7 languages).

For all questions please in the first instance, visit www.employment.govt.nz for a wealth of information, tools and resources.
To get in touch with Employment New Zealand, if you have a general query or would like more information, please visit Contact us.